We are none — a design and development studio bringing ideas to life through technology to solve real world problems.

We love helping companies and brands realise their opportunity to connect with people, enhance their offering, and boost their bottom line. After that, we build it.

Here’s an old tyre factory from 1938 — and now 80 years later, Studio None's home

There are plenty of moving parts involved when creating a digital product that is meaningful and has impact. We're believers in the influence that culture and brand can have, and the value in designing for the human experience.

We thrive on diving head first into the most complex part of the process—the development, that is, once we determine how deep the water is first. Guiding our partners through every stage helps us foster an iterative culture, and show value in building a platform that is prepared to scale when necessary.

Simplicity isn't simple. We find that simplifying what could otherwise be a very complex problem takes exploration, discovery, refinement, and world class execution. It's the culmination of these that push us to think holistically about the challenges that are constantly moving in multiple directions.

This is a sentiment we have lived by over the years and a process our partners are willing to engage with because technology never sits still. Some call it progressive, we call it necessary. We're not afraid of what's next.