From testing business ideas, to developing custom web applications, to optimising cloud services, weโ€™re prepared to support you at every step of the product development process.

With expert guidance through a complete range of services, our team is ready to build the business value and the product you need.

Custom Software Development

We know that the success of your product is tied to specific business goals. Our approach to building modern web applications not only serves your business now but grows with your business into the future.

From making the right technology choices to maintaining stable and secure infrastructure, our product team will help guide you through the full product development cycle and beyond.

Taking a modern approach to building a product from scratch or developing a product further, allows you to meet the changing needs of your users and generate value from technology quickly.

What we offer

  • Web and mobile application development
  • API development and Third Party Integrations
  • IoT Devices
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Integration
  • Data visualisation and Discovery
  • Rapid Prototyping (R&D)

Cloud Services

By applying AWS best-practice frameworks and executing with a deep understanding of cloud-native technologies, Studio None can help build and extend your infrastructure needs. We deliver services that will give you the confidence and readiness to move onto AWS or optimise your existing environment.

What we offer

  • AWS Well-Architected Framework Audits
  • AWS Cost Optimisation
  • AWS Migration Consulting
  • AWS Security & Governance Management

Product Design

Product design is a stage where we work with you to better understand your business and your market. We take a human-centred approach to designing products that are not only visually appealing, but also tailored to the needs of the user.

We get to know the user by setting aside assumptions and gathering real insights to build empathy as a critical first step to the process. From here, weโ€™re able to define the problem with a comprehensive understanding before applying a creative mindset to problem solving. Developing a prototype, or micro-product, allows us to experiment swiftly before testing with users, learning more through each iteration.

What we offer

  • Business & User research
  • Journey map & Moodboard
  • User flow & Wireframe
  • Product workshop & Ideation
  • Design Sprint & Prototype
  • Test & Iterate

Technical Consultancy

Studio None can provide the benefit of our years of experience in the technical industry to help your business make informed technical decisions. We offer a broad range of services that are flexible to your unique needs.

What we offer

  • Product and Technology Roadmap development
  • Technology strategy development
  • Business Plan Development
  • Vendor Assessments
  • Vendor Management
  • Technical Specification Drafting and Review
  • Cloud Migration Assessments
  • Technical Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Technical Risk Analysis
  • Industry Research and Business Application Reviews


We utilise the latest cloud-native technologies to engineer delivery pipelines, automated security tooling, and scalable container orchestration platforms that drastically enhance velocity, reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and secure your applications and infrastructure.

What we offer

  • Containerisation & Orchestration of Legacy Applications
  • Continuous Delivery Pipelines & Automation application
  • Security Automation & Governance Tooling